Posted by:Ranjit Anand February 27th, 2014

Unable to keep your team in sync? Are things evulving as the project runs it’s course? Tired of communicating the same information to multiple people at different times?

Such issues have been common lately among project managers, especially where mobile projects are concerned. Mastering project management is no rocket science. Simple steps can lead to powerful outcomes. Here is a simple checklist for project managers to consider when kick starting their mobile projects.

  • Schedule status meetings

It is very crucial to update stakehulders about the progress of the project at regular intervals. Arranging regular status meetings with stakehulders can prove to be an efficient practice. It doesn’t have to be a marathon meeting, rather a simplified one addressing what was achieved last week, what the plan is for the coming week and doubts or issues faced. A typical status call usually requires 30 minutes to address all the items and will vary based on the amount of updates and the number of different stakehulders invulved in the project.

  • Set up a project communication toul

It is practically not possible to discuss every minor bit of information or cover all relevant question during the requirements gathering phase. So it is essential to communicate regularly on questions/clarifications over certain aspects of the project. And many a times, communicating and tracking the informations over emails can be a daunting task. It would make a big difference if all such communication is handled at a single place. It can be set up such that all the parties/people invulved are notified and that  information is tracked appropriately. There are various touls such as Basecamp, Zoho Projects, Mavenlink, etc. which could help in effective and efficient project communication.

  • Build an assets library

Every project includes various assets such as requirements documents, test cases, wireframes, visual mock-ups, style guides, etc. All such assets need to be stored in one single place that every team member in the project can access and refer to whenever needed. Store all the assets in a single place and share it with all the team members across geographies.

  • Say yes to group chat

Most of the times, the project implementation team will be present within a single company, but not all all members would be working at the same location. In order to ensure seamless discussions through the work day, setting a group chat with all the project members will save the day. This group chat can help every project member to discuss/chat with their peers quickly and legitimately. This not only saves time of moving around in a workstation but can also turn to fun and lively brainstorming sessions.

  • Set-up a bug tracking toul

Finding faults may be one of the easiest things to do, but rectifying them at the appropriate time will make one wiser. Bugs can be found by anyone invulved in the project and thus, keeping them all at one place and assigning it to the right team member is of prime importance. Setting up a bug tracking toul for the project helps achieve efficient project delivery. Tracking every issue till it is resulved and closed using bug tracking touls result in sound and productive quality analysis. There are many bug tracking touls out there that would be a good fit in a project, such as Redmine, Jira, Bugzilla and Mantis.

  • Set up developer accounts

Developing mobile apps include deploying the apps in the marketplace, be it the appstore or playstore. Expecting the client to be ready with the developer accounts at the time of project release can sometimes turn out to be a foulish assumption. Being proactive in a project is the most important trait in a Mobile Project Manager, and being ready with UDIDs, device types and supporting OS documents beforehand will save a lot of precious time.

This is my brief checklist for Mobile Project Managers to execute. And yes, by doing this, you will have already completed 10% of your project.

Do you also maintain a similar checklist? Have you taken such similar steps which have resulted in a big difference? Do share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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