Posted by:Ranjit Anand August 8th, 2014

Do you come to the realization that the project is headed in the wrong direction a little too late? How do you identify if you are managing this project properly or not?

If you have faced such situations before, it may due to some ingrained bad habits that plague most project managers. Below are the some bad habits that you may relate to!

  1. Start the project first and explore priorities on the way

Getting the project started is the only goal and expecting to prioritize the list along the way just messes up the deliverables and deadlines. Everything looks simple at the beginning and things start to evolve as you dive into the details. Exploring priorities late in the project will usually lead to surprises ( of not the nice kind!) and roadblocks.

  1. Postponing complicated issues

Many fail to understand that a complicated issue may not go as per plan. It is easy to predict the simpler ones, hence can be addressed after any complicated issues. A project manager creates more trouble with however long he postpones addressing a complicated issue. The more you delay addressing a complicated issue, the more the preparation for damage control.

  1. Breaking rapport with the team

As a project manager, you can’t expect  smooth functioning of a team, if you don’t get along with the team. Understanding the people involved in the project and their style of working will help build rapport with them. A small crisis can break the project into pieces, mainly due to improper co-operation and support.

  1. Trying to please a stakeholder

Pleasing someone and trying to only think from their point of view, will have an immediate impact on the project and it eventually derails the project. You can’t always please everyone but being assertive will help you hold your ground in a project.

  1. Ignoring poor performers

Poor performers are easy to identify when you pay little more attention to them and their deliverables. Poor performers not only impact the schedule but  have a direct impact on the resource utilizations in a project. Ignoring such poor performers in a project is like breeding a dragon in your backyard.

  1. Everything is an emergency

Every task requires some time and effort to be invested upon. Criticality is not directly proportional to the expected time a task will take. Expecting everything to be addressed as an emergency will lead to over utilization of people and ignoring negative impact occurring on the existing project.

These are some of the bad habits which I have noticed so far, but there could be many more. What would you do to eliminate these bad habits?

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