Posted by:Ranjit Anand January 28th, 2016

User interface proves out to be crucial in the modern day mobile friendly digital world. Designing an user interface is process oriented and what is crucial for a project manager is how you present your team’s design to the stakeholders. There are various ways to present the design but what we will address in this article is those silly mistakes that you can avoid while presenting the Design interfaces to stakeholders.

Here goes the list

1.Avoid Lorem Epsum

If you don’t understand the content the target audience would view, then you are probably designing a wrong application. Every screen needs to have a sample content relevant to the context.Having dummy content such as lorem epsum would make a client go blank especially if the client is non tech-savvy.

2.Ignoring reusable screens

There can be few screens in the application which would follow the similar information architecture but the content and certain minor layout would vary with the context. It is better to create a copy and make those minor changes than reusing it without making those minor changes.

3. Selfie obsessed Designers 

Some of the application interfaces requires lot of people pictures on the screens. Some of the designers who are self obsessed tend to upload their own pictures wherever there is a need for profile pictures. The rule is simple, you can’t upload a picture of Megan Fox when the profile name clearly reads Donald Trump.


Unacceptable. Period.

5.Font sizes

Especially when it comes to mobile interfaces, the designer would create the screens on their desktops and the font sizes would look fine on their desktop screens but viewing the same interface on the mobile screen, the font sizes would look small.It is important for the designers to design and view those interfaces on the mobile screens before finalizing.

This is what I could think of for now.Do let me know if you can add to the list by commenting.

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