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…And how mobile apps can help ask the right ones

Medical Device sales – Comprehensive, Competitive, Complicated. And when dealing with physicians where time is forever at a premium, the questions asked make all the difference. So, here goes

1) What are some of the challenges that you face in your daily practice?

Why you should not ask –

With face time at a premium, it is always better to ask the right questions and not lead the prospect on a long, long path to the obvious. Imagine a busy surgeon with patients lining up as he in a conversation with you. Would you really focus on vague, unspecific questions or zero in how your device can help him?

The App advantage

We have helped quite a a few surgeons who have faced an issue with this particular procedure. Have you faced anything similar and would this be of interest to you?

Show him custom videos of the procedure, the challenges faced by surgeons and probe in to the surgeon’s pain point. You can create personalized videos based on each surgeon’s practice area.

2) How about some numbers that show you how popular our device is?

Why you should not ask –

Pysicians, nurses, administrators, clinicians, whoever your prospect might be, would be interested more in the actual clinical and economic value that your device will bring them, instead of viewing static PR slides on your device’s popularity.

The App advantage –

Bring bars and graphs of clinical outcomes to life. Use short videos and interactive real-life representations to bring home the value of your device. Let the prospect see the actual advantage of adopting your device, instead of lifeless charts.

3) Do you have some time for an explanation of our device?

Why you should not ask –

What a physician would be most interested is not a verbal explanation, but a visual look into how the device works.

The App advantage –

Make the most of your time with the surgeon. Use sleek product demos, to display how your device actually works. Make it a self explanatory and interactive with high resolution, pixel perfect images and animation that highlight the device capabilities and use. U

4) Would you need some brochures and product specs for your reference?

Why you should not ask –

The mobile revolution, in the healthcare community has led to widespread adoption of  smartphones and tablets. They have become an extension of phsicians and nurses and your brand and message should be right where they would logically look.

The App Advantage –

Set up a demo app that the surgeon can view at his own time. Use 3D animations, augmented reality, gamification and simulator apps to display complex procedures and how your device helps. Let the physician perform simulated procedures or surgery on virtual patients and have an interactive approach to understanding your device.

5) Should I contact your office and set up a time to discuss this further?

Why you should not ask –

Your prospects are on social media and the net looking for informtion, and in the process, giving out valuable info on their pain points, queries and doubts.

The App Advantage –

Social media. From providing upselling opportunities to instantly answering prospect queries, social selling a powerful tool to close leads, more effectively. Even a simple form with relevant questions that loads up on the app as the soon as the surgeon is done viewing a demo can give you key insights. And by integrating social media interactions with your CRM, you have a visual representation of how your leads are progressing through the sales cycle.

Do you have any more questions to add to the list ? I would love to hear them

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