Posted by:Nithin Rao January 23rd, 2015

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This week we saw the introduction to windows 10 – the unified operating system for computers, tablets and mobile phones. Here are the 5 features you should not miss.


1) Free upgrade! Yes that is right ! Windows has announced that they are upgrading Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and mobile 8.1 users. Though it is not clear, the first year is cost free.

2) A new browser: Code named project Spartan ! Windows 10 is changing its much criticized Internet Explorer. This will be a much awaited release since all the previous versions of explorer had loads of expectations, but did not manage to meet many of them.

3) The famous start menu is back:  The start menu which was completely changed in Windows 8 is back with modifications. Now you get the much needed start menu and live tiles which will make it easier to interact with your device. Also there is a new task view to shuffle between virtual desktops.


4) Azure active directory: The windows 10 added features which will primarily help enterprises that include cloud oriented Azure active directory which can be used to access their account along with the traditional AD.

5) Mobile device Management: With evolution in Bring Your Own Device ( BYOD) Mobile Device Management (MDM) is becoming a herculean task. Windows 10 is said to be introducing an option to incorporate this feature for corporations.

Cortana for desktop, Windows 10 universal applications, Command prompt with command prompt etc. are a few other features worth noting. Do you think windows 10 can bring the old charm back to Windows?

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