Posted by:Nithin Rao July 7th, 2016

We cannot deny the widespread adoption of digital health. All major healthcare providers are adopting digital health at a strategic level. This undertaking is worth noticing not only because it will improve the efficiency of the healthcare industry but also because of it’s potential to transform personalized healthcare.

I have listed the 5 key trends that we can see in digital health today.

  • Intelligent Automation
  • According to Accenture the biggest trend we can notice is that of intelligent automation. There are multiple processes in the healthcare ecosystem that can be automated. This applies to healthcare companies who have adapted to technology in silos. Integrating different platforms will make the process of healthcare delivery much simpler and seamless.

  • FDA & HIPPA Compliance
  • For providers and patients alike, FDA regulations are of critical importance. Healthcare providers need to comply with regulation and privacy. Strict adherence to various regulations from the inception of technology implementation will avoid further complications. There are multiple instances of companies (startups) having to struggle a lot because of non-compliance.

  • Medical Monitoring On the Go!
  • The biggest trend of them all is the use of wearables, ingestibles, smart devices, IoT and mobile devices in health monitoring. Such devices are used for monitoring the health of the patient on a constant basis. People can monitor their health and wellness using wearable devices. The data gathered will be of immense importance for healthcare providers if used correctly.

  • Data Everywhere
  • The use of technology generates enormous amount of data. The data being generated by all these devices is just too big to be ignored. This big data if used and analyzed correctly can be used for gaining more insights and patterns. Medical and clinical research which is mainly data driven can benefit a lot from such information.

    5) Virtualization and Decentralization

    The virtualization and decentralization of the healthcare services is a strong trend that we are seeing in healthcare today. Telehealth and virtual doctor visits are not only changing how patient –physician engagement happens but also how treatment is delivered. This has started a new trend called liquid workforce. This change requires change in the existing work culture and process. This change is mainly patient (consumer) driven and providers are rapidly adapting to such a need.

    These are the main drivers of the digital health this year. Did I miss some? Feel free to add them in the comment section!

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