Posted by:Nithin Rao December 30th, 2013

Why do some mobile apps seem impossible to like while others seem practically psychic? Mobile app developers the world over would certainly like to know. Wouldn’t you?

What’s the differentiator between a good mobile app and a bad one?

In a nutshell, User experience design.

Great mobile experience has very little to do with which tool or which development platform you choose. What’s important is to deliver an app that your audience will be able to use institutively. An app that is usable, aesthetically pleasing, fast and feature-rich.


1. It’s All About Your Audience
  • Code your app to satisfy your audience’s needs, and not just your goals.
  • Mobile web app or a native app? Carefully consider your timelines, budget, target audience’s needs and yes, your business objectives before you decide.
  • Want your design to translate well to the real world? Get live user feedback at every stage.
2. Ensure App Value
  • Be unique; mistakenly duplicating an existing app’s features creates confusion and brings down your app’s value.
  • Ensure total transactional transparency and user information security.
  • Leverage device and platform capabilities to achieve greater user satisfaction.
  • Aim for speed; a slow app delivers poor user experience.
  • Keep user experience consistent on all platforms.
3. Keep It Simple
  • Don’t rely too much on images to explain the app flow; combine text and images along with useful instructions.
  • Don’t overuse gestures, animations and graphics – there are downsides to the “Wow” factor.
4. Be Prudent
  • Don’t overload your core app with too many features. Offer additional functionality via plugins; users can then pick and choose the ones they want.
  • Test your app at every stage. Test it with different users, light conditions and internet bandwidths.
5. Be Futuristic
  • Enable integration with the cloud and with all required backend databases
  • Enable most of the processing on server side to reduce device load, and to keep your app lightweight.

A mobile app is a make-or-break deal for many enterprises; follow these best practices to fine-tune your enterprise app development strategies.

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