Posted by:Nithin Rao November 6th, 2015

Across industries, the way we do business today is changing.Companies are scrambling to keep up with the rapid changes brought by the fast-paced growth of enterprise mobility and the surge in business mobile apps.

In order to drive innovation and maintain a competitive edge, it is essential for business, big and small to leverage the power of mobile apps.

With that decision out of the way, there remains two other critical choices that the business has to face –

1) Develop the app inhouse, or

2) Choose an app development partner

While it is tempting for businesses to keep development in-house and say no to a partner, here is why the second choice might make more sense.

  •   The lack of skilled app development resources in the market and the high cost for those available.
  • Lack of expertise inhouse in planning for and implementing a mobile project
  •  Inability to meet time-to-market demands because of the challenges in pulling a skilled team together.

What are the questions that you need to ask before choosing an app development partner? Here are 3 critical ones.

Do you understand our business and project needs?

Your technology partner should be familiar with your core enterprise business processes and must have the ability to integrate and leverage existing technologies.They should be able to judge the feasibility of your mobile needs and advice you on the best solution to address your specific needs.

Here’s what your partner should be able to help you with

  • The platform best suited for your requirement
  • The right technology, keeping in mind your current IT environment
  • Business functions that best lend themselves to mobility
  • Apps that fit the kind of ROI you are looking for—be it brand awareness, streamlined workflows or increased productivity
  • Best practices to secure enterprise data
  • Projects timelines and budgets that work for your unique needs.

Do you have enterprise grade app technology and design capabilities ?

Bad design, poor user interface and navigation, no cross-portability – the many problems that often come as a result of going with an app development partner who does not have superior design and technology expertise. What should you look for?

  • Cross-portability – An application centric rather than a device-centric approach
  • User Experience:  A great, consistent user experience that delights users and does away with information overload, slow loading speeds, blank screens (while features load) and user confusion.
  • Standardization – Design standardization across platforms and devices to enable familiar usage regardless of the device and reduced learning curve
  • Storage: Auto data sync and flexible data storage options such as cloud storage, corporate database storage, device storage etc., Efficient data backup and cleanup of irrelevant data
  • Back-end Integration Standardization: Connecting the app to back-end services such as CMS, databases, user management systems and other systems via integration gateways.
  • Technology Breadth –  A proven track record of working successfully with various types of enterprise architectures, integration technologies and enterprise infrastructure platforms.
  • Quality Assurance Team –  A team that is well-organized and highly experienced.
  • Superior  Support and Service – Needless to say, someone who will stay with you and support you the whole nine yards.

Can you adapt to our work culture?

Cultural Fit is critical. Consider your vendor as a potential team member. How would you evaluate the fit? This is a very important area and can easily affect your app’s quality and ultimately, your enterprise’s goals.

  • Similarities and Differences – How will these similarities and differences affect their approach to work  accountability, high work pressure and tight deadlines
  • Flexibility And Self-Reliance – Are they accessible 24/7? Can they deliver goals on their own without the need to hand hold?
  • Communication – Do they present their opinions professionally and respond promptly to emails and phone calls?

Remember, choosing the right app development partner is critical to the success of your enterprise mobility projects. A wise decision can yield you a hassle free, productive partnership.

What are your preferred screening questions when it comes to choosing an app development partner? Share your thoughts!

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