3 Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Native App Over A Hybrid App
Posted by:Ranjani Rao October 29th, 2015
A perpetual question that comes up when we speak of apps is whether we go all native or choose the hybrid path. Here are 3 questions to ask before you make that decision 1)  Are rich user interface, ultra-smooth navigation and pixel perfect look and feel crucial to the success of your mobile app? If yes, go native. For … Continue reading “3 Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Native App Over A Hybrid App”
Posted by:Nithin Rao October 26th, 2015
Ever since mobile apps entered the enterprise scene and ushered in new forms of collaboration, communication, and business efficiencies enterprise mobility has become the key strategy for every business. As decision makers wake up to the swift changes happening in the rapidly evolving lanscape of enterprise mobility, here are some impressive stats that will help you to keep an eye … Continue reading “The Ultimate List of Enterprise Mobility Statistics”
Posted by:Ranjani Rao October 21st, 2015
One of the most persistent and pervasive challenges of clinical and medical research studies is that of patient recruitment and engagement. From people being unaware of clinical trials that are going on to misconceptions about their eligibility for participations, the reasons for lower enrollment numbers are many. And thanks to the mobile, now largely fixable. This infographic delves into Key … Continue reading “Boost Patient Recruitment For Research Studies The Mobile Way – Infographic Inside!”
Posted by:Nithin Rao October 16th, 2015
[The Friday Find – A new series that covers fascinating innovations and amazing creations in the world of Mobile business and technology Forget wearing a health tracker. How about swallowing one? At the recent Code/Mobile conference in Half Moon Bay, CA all eyes and ears were on Jawbone’s CEO Hosain Rahman. He spoke with Re/code’s Kara Swisher about how ingestible sensors … Continue reading “Move Over, Wearables. Here Come The Ingestibles”
Posted by:Shyam Deval October 15th, 2015
I spent few weeks this summer in India.This is the longest stretch of time I have spent there since I moved to US almost 16 years ago.India has changed dramatically in last few years.Yes there are more cars and a lot more restaurants and there is a thriving tourism industry but the change is most noticeable in how technology – … Continue reading “How Mobility Is Shaping The New India”
Posted by:Nithin Rao October 14th, 2015
User experience or UX is one of the all-time favorite topics in mobile app development. What is the most critical component of user experience? Color, pixel, intuitive design, …? I would say data! Data, data everywhere… The concept of user experience has come a long way since the early computer games to mobile apps to the … Continue reading “The next big thing in UX!”
Topics : UX
Posted by:Nithin Rao October 9th, 2015
[The Friday Find - A new series that covers fascinating innovations and amazing creations in the world of Mobile business and technology The banner on the official website says Android 6.0 Marshmallow – S’more to Love. Sweet. Google has been rolling out its newest version of Android to existing Nexus devices. For all those others who can’t to get their hands … Continue reading “Android Marshmallow – 5 Sweet Features Worth The Wait”
Posted by:Richard Smith October 8th, 2015
Clinical Research, iPhone Features and Contextual Data Conventional clinical research is still paper and pen based. At least, that part of research where researchers collect data from patient/participants has not changed in 50 years! Apple’s latest open source framework ResearchKit makes us think about how this can be changed. At its core this is a software framework, which is a … Continue reading “How Smartphone Features And Sensors Help Clinical Research”
Posted by:Ranjit Anand October 7th, 2015
One of most important aspects of management is managing productivity. This affects various other factors in the project such as deadlines, billing, resource allocation, utilization, costs, etc. and needless to say, the project momentum. One of the most important factors to keep in mind is the human factor involved in productivity. This human factor doesn’t real correlate to the emotional … Continue reading “Productivity Simplified”
Posted by:Shyam Deval October 1st, 2015
Location, Location, Location! IBM Watson Health recently opened its global headquarters at Cambridge, MA. With enviable proximity to several biotech and life sciences companies, budding startups and of course renowned universities, IBM’s push for a bigger slice of the healthcare technology pie is evident. As part of its strategy to make inroads into the tightly regulated healthcare space, the Big … Continue reading “IBM Watson Health and Apple ResearchKit: A Healthy Partnership”

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