Enterprise Mobility – Decisions, Decisions
Posted by:Shyam Deval March 25th, 2015
As the mobility revolution moves from the consumer app space into the realm of Enterprise Mobility, companies of all sizes have to make decisions around how best to leverage the mobile apps in increasing employee productivity and efficiency while positively impacting overall business outcomes. These decisions involve myriad technology choices such as ‘build vs. buy’, devices and OS platforms to … Continue reading “Enterprise Mobility – Decisions, Decisions”
Posted by:Richard Smith March 17th, 2015
Your brand has a presence in the market that you want to capitalize upon by giving your users the power of mobility. You have a loyal customer base and are looking to expand it by launching a mobile app that people will love coming back to. While you have always succeeded in the brick-and-mortar avatar of your business, this is … Continue reading “Mobile App Analytics for Better User Retention and User Engagement”
Posted by:Nithin Rao March 13th, 2015
[The Friday Find –A new series that covers fascinating innovations and amazing creations in the world of Mobile business and technology] The recently concluded Mobile World Congress showed us how enterprise mobility is evolving. IBM especially, flexed its muscles with its MobileFirst paltform and how it is transforming enterprises with the power of mobility. Last year IBM and Apple developed … Continue reading “Here comes the second wave of IBM-Apple enterprise apps”
Posted by:Ranjani Rao March 10th, 2015
Data residing in mainframes have been made available via CICS, ODBC drivers, COBOL programs or the more versatile SOAP and ReST web services. In essence a traditional native (or hybrid) mobile app can invoke these web services and get the data in the app and do what it needs to with that data. Many of these web services … Continue reading “Mainframe In My Pocket”
Posted by:John W. Williams March 5th, 2015
This is a guest post by John W. Williams, User Experience Designer at IBM. This blog was first published on www.johnyux.com and has been published here with the author’s permission. As a user experience designer working on large, enterprise projects, I have been thrilled with the increased focus of enterprise UX. I saw 2014 labelled as the “year of the enterprise user experience” in Shyam Deval March 3rd, 2015
If you follow technology news closely, it’s impossible to not hear the drumbeats aroundwearable technology and IOT (Internet of Things). While the hype is fully justifiable, many have also wondered if this marks the beginning of the end for mobile phones and apps and if we have already starting to see that decline. The truth cannot be farther from … Continue reading “Mobility Fatigue – Truth or Fiction?”

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