Wearables and Enterprise IT – CIO’s Thought
Posted by:Richard Smith November 26th, 2014
Glasses and watches do have an agenda – an agenda that will not only the change the lives of people but also will transform the way businesses are conducted. But with a whole bunch of innovative sensors entering the market, watches and glasses seem to be just the kick starters of a major wearable revolution. How well do you think … Continue reading “Wearables and Enterprise IT – CIO’s Thought”
Posted by:Richard Smith November 21st, 2014
Ever thought anyone could pose a serious challenge to YouTube’s monopoly? Well, here is Milk Video from Samsung exclusively for Galaxy users. Milk Video is… … an Android app that will aggregate video content from a variety of sources based on user  preferences. Samsung has lured in an impressive range of partners like Red Bull, Vevo, VICE , … Continue reading “Samsung’s Milk Video for Android Aficionados”
Posted by:Richard Smith November 12th, 2014
(Click here to read Part 1) Infiltration of wearables in healthcare was one of the most promising phenomena that happened recently. Dethroning the mHealth apps to claim the hotspot happened quicker than expected. The expectations about wearables are skyrocketing with every new gadget entering the market. And with each new gadget finding its perfect spot in … Continue reading “Part 2: Wearables in Healthcare – Integration and Data Exposure Anxieties”
Posted by:Richard Smith November 5th, 2014
If you thought mobile apps are the latest in digital health, you are wrong my friend! mHealthapps are soon becoming the middleware for healthcare wearables! Wearable technology is the new front end in digital healthcare. 71 percent of Americans say that wearable tech has ‘improved their health and fitness.’ This testimony proves the acceptance of wearable … Continue reading “Wearables In Healthcare – Part 1”
Posted by:Ranjani Rao November 4th, 2014
The highlight at Twitter Flight, Twitter’s mobile developer conference was Fabric. Fabric is Twitter’s cross-platform mobile development suite ; designed to ease the challenges that thousands of mobile app developers face on a daily basis. The apps are many and the problems are the same – tracking app crashes, ensuring its stability, monetization and growing a loyal user … Continue reading “Twitter Fabric – Old Wine In New Bottle?”

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