4 Features Your Mobile App Form May Be Better Off With!
Posted by:Nithin Rao May 30th, 2014
This post is part of a series (read earlier posts here) on building forms in mobile apps. Hi there! For today’s post, I have picked some random things that crossed my mind the other day and which I felt were worth sharing as tips for building forms in mobile apps. Let’s take a look: Continue reading “4 Features Your Mobile App Form May Be Better Off With!”
Posted by:Richard Smith May 29th, 2014
The Meaningful Use (MU) wave began in the year 2010 with the release of proposed rules for the EHR incentive program. The HIT industry was hurled into a whirlwind and “Meaningful Use” became the buzz word since then. Although Electronic Health Records (EHRs) had started establishing its existence, the question now was how would one measure the success or benefits … Continue reading “The real meaning of “Meaningful Use of HIT”r”
Posted by:Ranjit Anand May 27th, 2014
Remember the times when you forgot what was decided in the last meeting? Do you get confused as to who is in charge of each task after a meeting? Had difficulties in getting everyone on the same page before or after a meeting? These are questions that plague everyone whose work day involves multiple meetings. If you are one of … Continue reading “5 Simple To-Do’s For Running An Effective Project Meeting”
Posted by:Jyoti Trehan May 26th, 2014
The History Java IDEs (Interactive Development Environments) or RAD tooling (Rapid Application Development) has evolved in slightly different ways than IDEs for other languages and platforms. To begin with, IBM owned Eclipse and they gradually open sourced it. Now, there are tens of strategic developer member companies and hundreds of add-in provider companies that are adding to plugins … Continue reading “11 Eclipse keyboard shortcuts every productive Java developer must know”
Posted by:Richard Smith May 23rd, 2014
Living in the Boston area pretty much forever, I have been a regular consumer of news from the Boston Globe and affiliated companies. They created Boston.com and recently released a mobile app which I installed on my Samsung S4. I have never, ever seen such a piece of junk. Extremely disappointing. Why? They clearly did not test the Continue reading “Why The Boston.com Mobile App Failed To Impress A Patriots Fan!”
Posted by:Nithin Rao May 21st, 2014
One is a company that Facebook paid a whopping $19 billion for. The other, a company that famously refused the $3 billion offer that Facebook made. No marks for guessing which is which! As encouraging numbers pour in, (400 million Snapchat chats shared per day as of Nov 2013 and an enviable 32% of US teens use Snapchat on a … Continue reading “The Real Lure Of Snapchat Over Whatsapp”
Posted by:Ranjit Anand May 19th, 2014
We have all seen monkeys. They are impulsive, random and quite unpredictable most of the times. Can you imagine how a monkey would react if presented with a mobile device? Don’t worry; you don’t have to answer that. But chances are that you considered a couple of use cases for monkey testing your mobile app when you tried … Continue reading “Monkey test your mobile apps for these scenarios!”
Posted by:Nithin Rao May 15th, 2014
This post is part of a series (read earlier posts here) on building forms in mobile apps. The challenges brought about by the small-sized screen of the mobile device coupled with the interesting touch gestures it supports, has prompted designers to unleash their creativity and come up with various interesting screen widgets and form controls to be used … Continue reading “Touch Gestures – Are Your Mobile Forms Using Them Well Enough ?”
Posted by:Richard Smith May 14th, 2014
The US medical world has been abuzz with the term “Meaningful Use” of EHRs for a while now. So what is meant by the “Meaningful Use” of EHRs? Meaningful Use (MU) is a set of “rules” defined by the CMS Incentive Program that governs the use of electronic health records. Its goal is to promote the spread of electronic health … Continue reading “Making “Meaningful Use” of mHealth”
Posted by:Ranjit Anand May 13th, 2014
Does the testing phase of your mobile app project take longer than estimated ? Ever discovered that your app needs more types of testing other than just functional testing? The QA phase in a project is arguably given lesser importance at the start of the project than it deserves. Like any other entity, you start seeing its impact … Continue reading “5 Factors To Consider Before You Test Your Mobile App”

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