7 Simple Tips To Create a Project Plan For Your Mobile Project
Posted by:Ranjit Anand March 31st, 2014
Where are we at the project now? What’s the status of the app? When can we start using the app on our phones? … Tired of often answering such questions from stakeholders? A simple project plan will help you be prepared with the right answers. The most important step in the project lifecycle is the project plan which will help … Continue reading “7 Simple Tips To Create a Project Plan For Your Mobile Project”
Posted by:Richard Smith March 28th, 2014
Apple is rumored to have developed a healthcare app for iOS being called Healthbook.Based upon some articles on 9to5mac.com, the plans for Healthbook appear pretty ambitious. In addition to fitness stats, Healthbook seems to indicate a means of monitoring oxygen saturation, blood sugar levels, bloodwork, hydration and respiration. Healthbook though, is an app, not a monitoring device like … Continue reading “Healthbook – An iOS App a Day Keeps The Doctor Away”
Posted by:Nithin Rao March 27th, 2014
This blog is continued from part one and two of a series on Building Forms for Mobile Apps : The more we think of what we can do with mobile forms, the more exciting it gets. The possibilities are endless and thus there is always scope for improvisation and churning out new kinds of form elements. This … Continue reading “Building forms in mobile apps – Part 3”
Posted by:Richard Smith March 26th, 2014
So, you have decided to go with a mobile app development partner. When you say partner, I am sure you mean a mobile app development company who are experts in developing mobile apps. Someone who knows the best to bring out device features to render superior user experience on both native apps and cross platform apps. The most … Continue reading “What to look for in your mobile app development partner?”
Posted by:Srini Bhopal March 25th, 2014
My son is home for his spring break from college and I have been observing how he does his work and socializing. These are the lessons (admittedly, the sample size is woefully small! ) that I am drawing: 1. Landline phones are dead, the mobile RULES: He has not bothered to connect an instrument to the free phone line his … Continue reading “Millennial Watching!”
Posted by:Ranjani Rao March 24th, 2014
This has been a question asked on countless forums, debated endlessly and has the development and business community divided into zealous factions. So, is there one correct kind that emerges as the de facto choice in all situations? Au Contraire! The answer lies in Understanding the nature, capabilities and advantages that each app type brings to the table. Taking account … Continue reading “Native vs Hybrid vs Mobile Web Apps – First Among Equals?”
Posted by:Richard Smith March 21st, 2014
Everybody agrees on this – patient’s participation in healthcare results in better health outcomes. Of course, patients are also happy to be involved in their care. But the challenging part is to ensure a meaningful participation from patients. The only way out is effective patient education. Each patient should be educated and trained in accordance with the care/ treatment provided. … Continue reading “3 ways mobility can help in patient education”
Posted by:Srini Bhopal March 20th, 2014
Mobile devices, in particular iPads have taken the campus by storm. The obvious advantages of technology enabled campuses run the gamut from increased retention rates to improved collaboration and communication….and decreased costs, of course. And the proof of their growing relevance can be found in the increased funding for purchase of tablets and custom apps. Apple even has an Continue reading “Custom Mobile Apps: A 5 Step Gameplan for Schools and Universities”
Posted by:Srini Bhopal March 19th, 2014
I just revealed the best kept secret in the healthcare industry. Surprised? Hospitals are competing to release mobile apps almost every day, to a point that it has become a PR strategy. Your competitors have built an app for this, an app for that… it’s quite overwhelming at times. But one thing is absolute – building mobile appsContinue reading “Agility through Mobility delivers Patient Satisfaction”
Posted by:Nithin Rao March 18th, 2014
In last week’s article (read it here), we saw why good form design on mobile apps cannot be just about field label, field widget and a Submit button. In this part of the series, we draw to your attention some particular ways in which you can make forms easier to use on your mobile app. Continue reading “Building Forms In Mobile Apps – Part 2”

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