Using Mobile Demos And Simulators To Sell Medical Devices
Posted by:Richard Smith February 28th, 2014
If you’re a player in the hugely competitive medical devices market, you know how tough it is to sell your devices. Clinical laboratories and hospitals need much more convincing to invest in new medical devices. The same old, tried and tested sales methods are not helping you anymore. So what gives? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you were able to … Continue reading “Using Mobile Demos And Simulators To Sell Medical Devices”
Posted by:Ranjit Anand February 27th, 2014
Unable to keep your team in sync? Are things evulving as the project runs it’s course? Tired of communicating the same information to multiple people at different times? Such issues have been common lately among project managers, especially where mobile projects are concerned. Mastering project management is no rocket science. Simple steps can lead to powerful outcomes. Here is a … Continue reading “6 Simple Steps To Take Before You Kickoff Mobile Projects”
Posted by:Leesa John February 26th, 2014
How to balance multiple needs where everything is multiple – devices, device models, operating systems, applications? Consider managing security for corporate-owned and employee owned (read BYOD here) devices. Consider the support costs and business risks this scenario represents. It’s a horror movie in the making. What Top Enterprises Are Doing When the horror of MDM first began to unfold, enterprises … Continue reading “Mobile Device Management – Nightmarish, But Doable?”
Posted by:Srini Bhopal February 25th, 2014
Who in the business world has not seen the news about the acquisition of Whatsapp by Facebook for $19B! A company that launched in June 2009 – creating a value of that magnitude in a span of 56 short months is really breath taking! More interestingly, they have all of 55 employees and raised $8M in venture money! Kudos to … Continue reading “Mobility For Business and Now Mobility IS THE Business!”
Posted by:Srini Bhopal February 25th, 2014
Could you imagine a world without technology? No way! Technology has seeped so deep into every aspect of our lives. And the latest in this evolution chronology is mHealth, a.k.a mobile health, which is born from the happy marriage of technology with healthcare. Do you know where did it all begin? Healthcare was initially blown over by IT … Continue reading “Understanding the nuances of “mHealth””
Posted by:Ranjani Rao February 21st, 2014
Surprising, but not uncommon – many companies find themselves going straight to mobile from old, clunky client server applications. They skip the web step and it makes sense in many respects. Take the instance of a hospital – An administrator who sits at her desk, and uses proprietary windows based application that connects to the proprietary HIS (Health Information System) … Continue reading “Making the Jump from Client Server to Mobile Apps With Backend Integration”
Posted by:Srini Bhopal February 20th, 2014
Do you want to ‘wow’ your customers with your mobile app? Go for geofencing! Geofencing can really give your mobile app an edge over competition. How? It adds a lot of additional context and helps make it locally social to generate interest in the mobile app. As per Wikipedia, “ geo-fence is a virtual perimeter for a real-world geographic areas. … Continue reading “Geofencing – a USP or a drag for your mobile app”
Posted by:Ranjani Rao February 19th, 2014
The process of “Requirement gathering” or “Requirement analysis” is the first and crucial phase of any SDLC process. This sets the stage for the subsequent phases. It is at this phase that the assessment of the business goals/objective that an app is required to meet is fleshed out. While the process of requirements analyses for mobile as well as traditional … Continue reading “Challenges and Potential In Requirement Gathering for Mobile Apps”
Posted by:Richard Smith February 17th, 2014
There has been much made of the FDA’s announcement that they will regulate custom mobile apps used in healthcare settings. Along with HIPAA regulations surrounding privacy of patient information, this threat of regulation caused some confusion and hesitation for developing mobile apps to be used for health care purposes. The FDA issued guidelines last September. They segregated mobile … Continue reading “What you need to know about FDA regulations for mobile apps”
Posted by:Leesa John February 11th, 2014
In a recent interview with TSAM organizers, Alan Hamilton, CEO of Equipos said that asset managers spend only 50% of their time on client service activities. The other 50% is spent on preparing and delivering reports. Alan brought up about one of the biggest issues that advisors face – not spending enough time with the clients. Even during the time … Continue reading “The Future of Advisor-Client Interaction”

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