Oracle Java ME 3.3 Will Simplify Development of Micro-controlled Embedded Devices
Posted by:Ranjani Rao July 31st, 2013
Oracle has recently made Oracle Java Platform Micro Edition 3.3 (Java ME) available for public download to help OEMs build feature rich embedded devices using Java. The traditional language used to control chip devices is C. Java promises to accelerate the development of the Internet of Things (IoT) as Java technology is widely supported, on devices … Continue reading “Oracle Java ME 3.3 Will Simplify Development of Micro-controlled Embedded Devices”
Posted by:Leesa John July 17th, 2013
A hospital hotline system is a secure, private and safe mechanism for anyone connected to the hospital to report financial, regulatory or patient safety violations. Hotlines play a key role in monitoring the quality of healthcare delivery, patient experience and practices in a hospital for providers to achieve broader governance, risk management, and compliance goals (GRC). Hotlines can … Continue reading “Mobile Healthcare Hotline Management for Quality, Safety & Compliance”
Posted by:Srini Bhopal July 2nd, 2013
Financial advisors  are the customer contact persons in wealth management firms. They are responsible for advising customers on the best investment choices in view of their needs, preferences and risk limits. They are also important influencers of attitudinal and behavioral loyalty in customers – important factors that contribute to long-term customer relationships and customer retention. The last few years … Continue reading “Financial Advisors Engage Customers with Mobility”
Posted by:Richard Smith July 1st, 2013
Professionals such as sales and marketing personnel who have to be on the street for a good part of their day are frustrated by functional or administrative tasks that require access to a computer. Travelling modes are not always conducive to working on the go with a laptop sized device so a lot of time that could be spent productively … Continue reading “Enhance Sales & Marketing Productivity with Mobile Solutions”

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