Healthcare CIOs: Manage Electronic Health Records (EHR) with Mobile Solutions
Posted by:Monica Samuel April 30th, 2013
The healthcare industry is abuzz with strategies and plans to manage initiatives under the new Obamacare guidelines. Enterprise mobile solutions can help healthcare providers manage the transformation and create new opportunities. With the focus moving away from the ‘pay-for-service’ to ‘pay-for-performance’ model, practitioners should leverage technology to enhance hospital processes, support better patient care, reduce readmission, and improve … Continue reading “Healthcare CIOs: Manage Electronic Health Records (EHR) with Mobile Solutions”
Posted by:Srini Bhopal April 24th, 2013
Enterprise mobility is no longer an option that CIOs can afford to add to their infrastructure at a later stage. Forward thinking CIOs are adopting a proactive mobile first strategy where the mobile component is on par with other basics such as a data center, Internet, corporate network, PCs, servers, and the like. Organizations that develop and support mobile … Continue reading “Enterprise Mobility Needs a Mobile First Strategy”
Posted by:Ranjani Rao April 19th, 2013
Enterprise application developers love the Scala programming language for many reasons. It is statically typed and offers the comforting familiarity of C++ and Java. It is JVM targeted and allows developers to leverage popular Java libraries and frameworks while maintaining a smaller code size. It supports JVM features such as concurrency support and optimization, and supports functional and … Continue reading “Scala Progresses as a Production Language for Business Critical Applications”
Posted by:Monica Samuel April 16th, 2013
Gone are the days when customer service was an afterthought for businesses. Well, at least retail businesses that dealt with mass consumers. Today, companies differentiate themselves from competition by offering quality customer service that keeps their customers coming back to them. Trends that have facilitated and supported this positive move are the rise of the Internet, increasing availability of personal … Continue reading “Customer Service Comes Full Circle”
Posted by:Ranjani Rao April 11th, 2013
Application developers building applications on the Google App Engine can now easily incorporate SMS and voice communications into their apps via Twilio¸ cloud-based communication platform. Google has released Python and Java libraries for Google apps to work with Twilio APIs out of the box on the Google Cloud Platform. Building scalable communications applications just got easier and faster. … Continue reading “Add SMS & Voice to Google App Engine: Enterprise Application Developers”
Posted by:Monica Samuel April 10th, 2013
Software applications pervade every space – automotive, electrical, apparel, electronics, mechanical, and more. There’s a chip to control elements, monitor state, report statistics, make connections or generally, make an inanimate device smarter and intelligent. Technology has taken us from room sized computers to nano chips, wired telephones to satellite communication, and chunky keyboards to touchscreens. The next wave is on … Continue reading “Gear Up for 3D Gestures on Smartphones, Computers, TV & More”
Posted by:Monica Samuel April 4th, 2013
Apache TomEE (Tommy) is like a pain reliever for enterprise application developers who have racked their brains against monolithic application servers like WebSphere or WebLogic and even plain Java EE. Not only is TomEE lightweight, stable and high performing, it is easy to set up, configure and integrate with myriad application components. David Blevins, founder … Continue reading “Apache TomEE Adds Zing to Enterprise Application Development”
Posted by:admin April 3rd, 2013
Statistics collected by California-based Net Applications show mobile browser usage doubling in the last 12 months and tripling over 24 months. The change parallels the shifting trend of people using smartphones and tablets to go online rather than spending time stationed in front of desktops or laptops. Not surprisingly, desktop browser usage fell to 86.2% in February 2013 from last … Continue reading “Mobile Browser Usage Goes Up – Growing Opportunity for Web Application Development”

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