Mobile Applications in Healthcare Need Physician & Hospital Support
Posted by:Monica Samuel March 31st, 2013
The May 2014 deadline is coming closer and medical providers in USA are looking at ways to improve patient engagement systems to comply with the federal regulations under the ONC Meaningful Use Phase 2 (MU2). However, the primary challenge appears to be physicians’ resistance to an economic model that reduces their income as well as the outdated technological expertise of … Continue reading “Mobile Applications in Healthcare Need Physician & Hospital Support”
Posted by:Ranjani Rao March 28th, 2013
Tech job hiring trends show that enterprises are increasing their focus on technology skills that make you a good candidate for cloud computing solution development and Big Data management. Fortunately, many cloud-based solutions are based on popular languages like Java, .NET, PHP, Perl, Python, etc., so enterprise application developers are covered there. However, they … Continue reading “Enterprise Application Developers Must Learn Cloud & Big Data Skills”
Posted by:Monica Samuel March 26th, 2013
When we say ‘software testing,’ we think about scripts, test loops, verification and validation. We think about unit tests, regression, compatibility, functionality, stress, acceptance, integration … and the list goes on. However, with the change in applications available to consumers and the rise of agile development that leaves little time for formal script writing, testing methodologies have also evolved. We … Continue reading “Software Testing: From Quantitative Results to Qualitative Reporting”
Posted by:Monica Samuel March 19th, 2013
Former Research in Motion (RIM), now BlackBerry, was hit bad when the BlackBerry handset series plummeted in popularity because of their outdated features and form factor. Users wanted the latest technologies in sleek packages that Apple and Android manufacturers got them in plenty. After a long struggle, BlackBerry has now delivered BlackBerry Z10 which has the oomph to … Continue reading “BlackBerry Z10 – Good enough to Beat Windows Phone 8”
Posted by:Ranjani Rao March 14th, 2013
Apple is readying to launch another phenomenal product, the iWatch. That too by the end of 2013, if Bloomberg reports are to be believed. Moreover, the device is expected to become Apple’s next best seller, breaking previous records of the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. While everyone was waiting for Apple to launch a TV that sets new trends this … Continue reading “Apple iWatch: A New Opportunity for Mobile Application Development”
Posted by:Srini Bhopal March 12th, 2013
Mobile technology is catching on big time in the healthcare sector. iPad and Android tablets are helping clinicians work better, save time, and engage with patients. Hospitals are equipping clinicians with tablets for faster record processing, data access, and streamlined management. Mobile devices are also serving as bedside devices for patient care, entertainment, and value-added services. … Continue reading “Mobile Applications & Devices Add Value to Healthcare Practitioners”
Posted by:Monica Samuel March 7th, 2013
In the fast-paced mobile application development space where new frameworks, platforms, technologies and devices appear every other week, CIOs and CMOs must keep an eye out all the time. That’s why events like the Mobile World Congress (MWC) are thronged by techies from the geek to the executive. This years’ MWC revealed four new alternative mobile operating systems … Continue reading “New Mobile OS Coming? Mobile Application Developers Must Keep a Watch”
Posted by:admin March 4th, 2013
Apple’s Mac systems, especially the MacBook Air, are no longer being used by enterprise employees for design, architectural layouts, software development … alone. Corporate workers, especially, senior executives are demanding Macs to get their work done and enjoy the glory of owning a device that classifies as a status symbol. While the trend bodes well for Macs, Windows PCS have … Continue reading “Mac Creeps Up on the Windows Dominated Enterprise Workspace”

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