Focus on Customer Experience for Long-term Growth: Bolster with Technology Solutions
Posted by:Monica Samuel February 28th, 2013
Technological evolution has disrupted old methodologies, sale handling, business processes, and work practices. It has empowered customers with knowledge and tools – bringing home the one aspect that guarantees a business’ survival in a super competitive marketplace – customer service. Every business, large or small, is realizing the importance of delivering a positive customer experience. Customers have become more demanding, … Continue reading “Focus on Customer Experience for Long-term Growth: Bolster with Technology Solutions”
Posted by:Ranjani Rao February 26th, 2013
Here’s some good news for C# developers. You can now take your Visual Studio development skills and get started with iPhone or iPad application development with Xamarin 2.0. That’s not all. The platform also supports native application development for Android, Windows Phone and Mac. Moreover, you can reuse 90% of the code interchangeably for efficient cross-platform development. Xamarin … Continue reading “Now Build Native iPad & iPhone Applications with Visual Studio in C#”
Posted by:Monica Samuel February 21st, 2013
The Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Pro tablets launched in February, were sold out on the first day of launch, received ayes and nays from fans and critics, hold a less than impressive sale record in totality but their story is still in the making. The first Windows 8 tablet may not meet iPad head to head but for those bred … Continue reading “Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Pro – Winner or Loser? Too early to say.”
Posted by:Srini Bhopal February 13th, 2013
Social mobile or mobile social, as some call it, is growing into a significant marketing and collaboration tool for businesses. In recent news, Celtra, rich media mobile advertising company, announced an innovative social mobile media campaign with Mindshare and gaming industry giant Capcom that uses Facebook and Twitter platforms on mobile to deliver an engaging and entertaining brand engagement experience … Continue reading “Social Mobile Spurs Creativity and Business Growth”
Posted by:Monica Samuel February 8th, 2013
Google Chromebook is becoming a popular laptop, even outselling Macs and Windows PCs on Amazon lately. Does this mean that Windows PCs are fading away and could be replaced by the new kid on the block? No. I don’t think that’s going to happen though Chromebook is definitely stealing many browser happy users away from under Windows umbrella. Chromebook – … Continue reading “Chromebooks Rise in Popularity. Should Microsoft be worried?”
Posted by:Srini Bhopal February 6th, 2013
Since the last two years, two topics have featured in technology conversations time and again – Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and IT Consumerization. We are now at a stage where majority of enterprises have accepted the inevitability of BYOD and begun to adopt it. At the same time, early adopters of BYOD are opening up on the significant returns … Continue reading “Android, iPhone, iPad & BlackBerry Create Positive Waves in BYOD Workforce”

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