Changing Technology Trends: Gearing Up for 2013
Posted by:Monica Samuel December 18th, 2012
Gartner recently published its preview on the technology trends of 2013 that will govern IT strategies and have enterprise decision makers brainstorming in boardrooms. Truly, 2012 has been a stupendous year with technology trends evolving at a speedy pace along with the profusion of smartphones, tablets, other mobile devices, high-speed cellular connectivity, private and public clouds, cloud platforms for almost … Continue reading “Changing Technology Trends: Gearing Up for 2013”
Posted by:Monica Samuel December 14th, 2012
With enterprise application stores gaining ground, Google has taken a great step forward with Google Play Private Channels. In simplest terms, these are enterprise app stores where enterprises can deploy Android applications to their employees privately. Enterprises must hold a Google Apps account to take advantage of Google Play Private Channels. At a nascent stage, the private stores do not … Continue reading “Enterprise App Stores Get a Boost with Google Play Private Channels”
Posted by:Monica Samuel December 12th, 2012
Despite the furor surrounding the release of Windows 8 and talks of ‘disappointing sales’ of Windows RT tablets, there is a steady release of Windows devices into the market. And they’re selling. Enterprises too are hoping Windows Phone 8 will be the answer to IT concerns, post BlackBerry. As of now, Windows 8 or Windows RT can be seen on … Continue reading “Windows 8 & Windows RT Devices Enterprise Application Developers Need to Target”
Posted by:Ranjani Rao December 6th, 2012
After a beta run of 18 months, Red Hat has released the official version of its application computingPlatform-as-a-service (PaaS) offering – OpenShift. It allows developers to code, test and deploy applications on the cloud using their favorite language and frameworks without worrying about middleware, stacks or infrastructure. Custom application development involves coding from any device including a tablet as … Continue reading “Red Hat’s Open Source PaaS OpenShift for Enterprise Applications in the Cloud”
Posted by:Monica Samuel December 4th, 2012
Despite Android outstripping iPhone as the corporate smartphone of choice when employees are the purchasers, iPhone stays strong as the first choice of enterprise IT and CXOs for corporate liable smartphones. Though the strict policies of Apple are undeniably irksome to iPhone consumers, IT teams ask employees to grin and bear it for the sake of corporate security. … Continue reading “iPhone Gets Enterprise Votes as a Corporate Smartphone”

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