Green IT – Challenges, Responsibilities & Success Stories
Posted by:Monica Samuel November 27th, 2012
Protecting the environment was never unimportant but the environmentalists’ calls are getting attention only now. Data centers being the largest consumers of electricity and spouting loads of hazardous waste into the environment are now taking effective steps to reduce power consumption and manage electronic, chemical and toxic waste responsibly and intelligently. We take this issue up today because we are … Continue reading “Green IT – Challenges, Responsibilities & Success Stories”
Posted by:admin November 22nd, 2012
Android is open source, it is customizable and the darling of many mobile application developers. But popularity as they say, comes at a price. In this case, it’s the lack of security. In 2012 alone, 30,000 malicious and high risk Android apps were discovered in June and this increased to almost 175,000 between … Continue reading “Google Boosts Android Security with New App Scanner in Jelly Bean”
Posted by:Ranjani Rao November 20th, 2012
With Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trends set to overrun IT concerns, it makes sense for enterprises to focus on mobile application security and mobile device management solutions (MDM) rather than prophylactic attempts to clamp it down. Recognizing the irrefutable advantages of enterprise mobility, industry leaders are launching various MDM solutions that will help organizations safeguard sensitive data … Continue reading “Mobile Device (MDM) and Mobile Application Security Solutions (MAM) for Enterprises”
Posted by:Monica Samuel November 19th, 2012
Contact Reports of 2012 Q3 results for smartphone and tablet sales are pouring in. According to Gartner’s numbers, Q3 saw Android smartphone sales on a global scale surge ahead of iPhones with a 72% market share. However, according to a report released by Kantar Worldwide, iPhone’s market share in the US surpassed that of Android with 48.1% … Continue reading “Android Jumps Ahead of iPhone in Q3 but Q4 is the Final Showdown”
Posted by:Shyam Sundar November 1st, 2012
The $249 budget laptop or notebook, Google Chromebook, has left reviewers impressed. Rather than just being a browser in a box, the 11.6inch, ARM-based, Samsung manufactured Chromebook actually has a lot to offer Web users. At just 2.5 pounds and a battery life of 6.5 hours, Chromebook is the perfect ‘carry along’ notebook if you work with Google applications, access … Continue reading “Google’s Chromebook Impresses”

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