iPad Mini Up to Grab the Small-size Tablet Market
Posted by:Monica Samuel October 30th, 2012
For a change, rumors milling around a smaller iPad from Apple actually came true. Apple announced the new iPad Mini on October 23. For the first time, Apple has changed its course to grab a slice of a lower budget market, even creating competition for its own iPad, the top selling tablet of today. While Apple fandom is almost legendary, … Continue reading “iPad Mini Up to Grab the Small-size Tablet Market”
Posted by:Monica Samuel October 25th, 2012
Microsoft has made the Windows Surface tablets available for preorder ahead of the launch of the awaited Windows 8 operating system. While the arguments on the good and bad of Windows 8 go on, let’s talk about what the new Windows Surface tablets bring to the market. For starters, there’s the new operating system that no other tablet has – … Continue reading “Microsoft Surface Tablets Arrive Ahead of Windows 8”
Posted by:Ranjani Rao October 23rd, 2012
According to a Gartner report published in January 2011, 33 percent of BI functionality will be consumed on handheld mobile devices by 2013. This change is being brought about by the rise of mobile technology within companies and the BYOD trend among information workers. The demand for mobile BI is mounting across enterprises as new gen workers realize … Continue reading “Mobile BI is a Must for Growing Businesses”
Posted by:Monica Samuel October 18th, 2012
A new trend is making its way around the globe with many large cloud vendors launching cloud-based marketplaces for enterprises, SMBs, and even home businesses to shop for cloud-based solutions. The biggies are partnering with other domain specialists to add value to their marketplace and offer customers a one-stop shopping destination. The goal is to help consumers discover and purchase … Continue reading “Cloud-based Marketplaces for Cloud-based Software Applications”
Posted by:Ranjani Rao October 16th, 2012
Mobile application development is currently at a high with a multitude of development frameworks, server hosting services, and UI design tools available in the market – many of which are mature, streamlined, affordable, and feature-rich. Besides, the BYOD trend has triggered the demand for business applications. Now, IT teams and enterprise heads just need to figure out the … Continue reading “Web-based, Native or Hybrid Mobile Application – What’s the Best Approach?”
Posted by:Shyam Sundar October 11th, 2012
Big Data analysis is creating new market opportunities and helping organizations boost their bottom line many times over. A recent report in InfoWorld reveals how big brands are using Big Data to retain customers, enhance brand repute, improve customer services, and increase revenue. Though Big Data analysis delivers big dividends, only 1 percent of companies are currently investing in it, … Continue reading “Big Data Analysis Is a Big Deal”
Posted by:Ranjani Rao October 9th, 2012
Love it or hate it. The truth is that Big Data and BYOD are the realities of today. Heterogeneous mobile devices have become a norm in offices and IT teams have to deal with it. Microsoft’s Exchange ActiveSync (EAS), one of the early technologies that enabled mobile device management is no longer capable of handling security issues created by the … Continue reading “Beat BYOD Security Risks with System Security Configuration Manager 2012”

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