Long-term ROI of Cloud-based Enterprise Applications: Forrester Reports
Posted by:admin June 28th, 2012
Every meeting involving enterprise CXOs touches upon cloud applications at least once. The financial and administrative advantages of cloud apps versus on-premise apps is no doubt tempting but as revealed by Forrester’s report on the ROI of Clouds, it’s important for sourcing executives to consider the long-term cost of ownership before taking a decision. According to Gartner, Goldman Sachs Research … Continue reading “Long-term ROI of Cloud-based Enterprise Applications: Forrester Reports”
Posted by:Monica Samuel June 27th, 2012
Interesting though not unpredictable results came out of a survey conducted by the Eclipse foundation within its open source community (732 participants). According to the Eclipse Open Source Developer Report, the number of developers who have developed mobile applications for internal and external users has doubled from last year. In fact, 43% of developers who use Eclipse are into developing … Continue reading “Eclipse Developers Show Rising Preference for Mobile App Development”
Posted by:Ranjani Rao June 26th, 2012
The team at Linaro – an open-source nonprofit organization founded in 2010 by a consortium of hardware and software companies including ARM, Samsung, TI, and Canonical in order to research maximizing the efficiency of Linux on ARM processors and more – has tweaked the vanilla Android 4.0 code with amazing results. A demo at Linaro Connect Q2, 2012 … Continue reading “Android 4.0 Gets 30%-100% Performance Boost with Linaro Tweaks”
Posted by:Monica Samuel June 20th, 2012
Android’s market share in the last two years has seen a huge spike because of its adoption by biggies such as Samsung Electronics, HTC and LG Electronics. According to a new research conducted by NPD Group in May 2012, Android bagged 61% of the U.S. smartphone market post Q1 while Apple’s share took a hit, falling from 41% … Continue reading “Android App Developers ‘ Interest High Along with App & Device Sales”
Posted by:Ranjani Rao June 14th, 2012
Apple announced the latest version of iOS – iOS 6 at the World Wide Developer’s Conference few days back. The new version packs a punch but also makes many Apple customers unhappy. That’s because many of the new (and cool) features are dependent on hardware so the first gen iPad and pre-iPhone 3GS smartphones will miss out. Even … Continue reading “iOS 6 Brings Mixed Emotions to Apple Customers; Beta Preview Out for Developers”
Posted by:Monica Samuel June 13th, 2012
After many years of waiting and hearing about Oracle Fusion and the coming together of platforms and services, Oracle’s CEO Larry Ellison has finally announced the release of Oracle Cloud. According to the OTN description, ‘Oracle Cloud offers a broad portfolio of Software as a Service applications, Platform as a Service, and social capabilities, all on a subscription basis. Oracle … Continue reading “Oracle Cloud is Out: SaaS, PaaS, Social, and Cloud Services”
Posted by:Ranjani Rao June 7th, 2012
With mobile devices proliferating into the corporate arena in the employee and consumer space, enterprises have to look at mobile solutions and the associated challenges seriously. While mobility offers a number of advantages such as faster ROI, higher revenue, customer satisfaction, and greater outreach, the challenges are also numerous and far-reaching. Devising a mobile strategy requires comprehensive analysis … Continue reading “Mobile App Testing Critical to Enterprises”
Posted by:Monica Samuel June 5th, 2012
The recent ruling in the Oracle versus Google war over software patents and copyright infringement related to Java has made Android fans happy. According to the jury ruling the U.S. District Court of Northern California, ‘none of the eight remaining claims in the two remaining patents was infringed by Google in Android as Oracle had alleged.’ … Continue reading “Good News for Android App Developers – The Google versus Oracle War Tips Android’s Way”

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