Cloud Testing for Quality Assurance
Posted by:Monica Samuel January 24th, 2012
Software testing typically accounts for 50% of total development costs and consumes minimum 30% of productive time. Maintaining a test environment is as complex as it is critical to the quality of deliverables. An increasing number of businesses are realizing the cost and administrative benefits of cloud-based IT systems. Simultaneously, they are looking towards investing in cloud-based applications or at … Continue reading “Cloud Testing for Quality Assurance”
Posted by:Ranjani Rao January 5th, 2012
One shoe does not fit all. That’s the underlying principle behind custom application development. In business scenarios where time is money, why should any business waste time molding its requirements to generic apps when it could have apps molded to its own work processes, functions and policies? Not that off-the-shelf apps don’t have their uses but for typical … Continue reading “Why Do we Need Custom Application Development in Java and .NET?”

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