SQL Server 2012, Immersive BI for Mobile – Microsoft’s Roadmap for 2012
Posted by:Shyam Sundar December 15th, 2011
Cloud computing and mobile device proliferation are major technology drivers in today’s fast moving business sphere. Microsoft recently unveiled its plans for SQL Server 2012 (SQL Denali), powerful integration and enhancements for Business Intelligence (BI) and Mobile BI at the much anticipated Microsoft Business Intelligence Asia Pacific 2011 roadshow at Singapore. Ted Kummert, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Business Platform … Continue reading “SQL Server 2012, Immersive BI for Mobile – Microsoft’s Roadmap for 2012”
Posted by:Ranjani Rao December 13th, 2011
IT departments across most enterprises invest the majority of their budget, efforts, resources and time towards the maintenance and support of existing systems. These teams have the job of administering heavy duty enterprise servers, vast networks, security systems (physical and digital) … and that’s just the hardware. There are also internal applications, software updates, software licenses, antivirus, remote access solutions, … Continue reading “IT as a Service (ITaaS) – What is it about?”
Posted by:Ranjani Rao December 6th, 2011
JavaOne 2011 isn’t exactly recent news but we haven’t covered it in our blog yet and it’s a topic worth discussion … especially for our lot of enthusiastic and enterprising Javadevelopers. In contrast to the atmosphere prevailing at the same event in 2010, this time there was more optimism, a much higher headcount, and a show of faith in … Continue reading “Takeaways from JavaOne 2011 – The Oracle Shroud Lifts”
Posted by:Ranjani Rao December 1st, 2011
CIO and CTOs are consistently on the lookout for new technologies that will help reduce overheads and enhance productivity. The past year has seen massive steps taken in the fields of networking, cloud computing, analytics, and mobile device development. Here, we discuss some of the technologies enterprise heads need to keep an eye on to support their ideas of the … Continue reading “Top 10 Emerging Technologies for Enterprises in 2011”

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