Smartphone: One gadget to rule them all
Posted by:Shyam Sundar April 6th, 2011
Watch: my phone can actually sync time with a time server and allows me to set different alarms for different days of the week. I used to remove my watch before I logged in anyways. Good riddance. Radio & MP3 player: one word: iTunes. Calculator: seriously, HP 12c on my iPhone works better than the real thing. Compass & GPS: … Continue reading “Smartphone: One gadget to rule them all”
Posted by:Ranjani Rao April 1st, 2011
When apps exploded onto the mobile scene, they had one basic advantage over HTML5 web apps: superior user experience. No matter how hard Apple or Google pushed HTML5 over native apps, native won the market-share and mindshare. Natives have another advantage over Web apps: they are easier to monetize. Native apps can provide a trial period, free ad-driven … Continue reading “Mobile monetization: Web vs. Native”

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