Location based services: Your phone always knew where you were
Posted by:Shyam Sundar March 30th, 2011
A mobile network uses a patchwork of cells to allow your phone to place and receive calls. The network is a collection of towers and base stations that send and receive radio signals and your phone contains a low-power transmitter that can communicate with the nearest tower. When you are on the move, the phone is basically handed over from … Continue reading “Location based services: Your phone always knew where you were”
Posted by:Shyam Sundar March 29th, 2011
You can make use of the openness of the Android operating system by replacing the default Android OS on your phone with a custom ROM. Its a bit like choosing the right distribution of Linux: each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. What you choose depends on your priorities and how you want to use your phone/tablet. Two reasons: … Continue reading “Android ROMs”
Posted by:Shyam Sundar March 26th, 2011
The PlayBook tablet, unveiled six months ago is going on sale next month and the initial reviews are mixed. Here are some of the takes: The first version of the PlayBook won’t have cellular capability. Users will be able to use WiFi for Web access. Users will need to connect the Playbook to their BlackBerry to read email delivered from … Continue reading “Blackberry Playbook: initial review”
Posted by:Shyam Sundar March 24th, 2011
An app store is quite simply a place where you buy “apps”. During the wild-west days of the PC, you could literally download any app you wanted from anywhere. Your broadband provider really did not have a say in where you got your apps form, neither did Microsoft or your hardware vendor. But the phone ecosystem was a complete contrast. … Continue reading “App Stores: It’s a conundrum!”
Posted by:Shyam Sundar March 23rd, 2011
Open Source technology has always been a great source for developers trying to understand the inner workings of platforms. Its a great resource for going beyond the “getting started” phase on a new development platform. Mobile appsare no different. Here are some cool apps that can point you in the right direction.   Games Stockfish Chess: has a … Continue reading “Open Source Apps”
Posted by:Shyam Sundar March 22nd, 2011
Foursquare and Gowalla were the first mainstream apps that made use of the phone’s GPS. The game dynamics of Foursquare is so fully entrenched in our minds that a lot of apps go the badge route and require users to check-in to a venue to earn points, rewards, etc. Although great at attracting early adopters, becoming a mayor of Green-leaf … Continue reading “Are you location aware?”
Posted by:Shyam Sundar March 21st, 2011
Gyroscopes are used to measure pitch, roll and yaw. Paired with an accelerometer that measures acceleration (and vibration), mobile developers can create applications that can sense motion on six axes – up/down, left/right, forward/backward, combined with rotation around three perpendicular axes – pitch, yaw, and roll. With a gyroscope, you can simulate things like looking around a room, turning an … Continue reading “Mobile Games: Gyroscope & Accelerometer”
Posted by:Shyam Sundar March 20th, 2011
Lets start with the big dog, Apple’s iOS. According to a sample of Bump’s users between January 7 & 10 this year, here’s a breakup: Now look at Android’s fragmentation: And what does Android 2.3 have that 2.2 doesn’t? Here’s a partial list: SIP Communication Near Field Communication (High Frequency High Speech Data Transfer in short … Continue reading “Mobile OS: Fragmentation is thy name”
Posted by:Monica Samuel March 14th, 2011
What is common between websites of the Ferrari car company, Kroger the multi-department store chain, the Chicago tourism bureau and the Texas state government? All of them are built on SharePoint! These are very few but popular names who have embraced Microsoft SharePoint platform to offer product & services or to showcase their products. But why SharePoint? Till sometime back … Continue reading “SharePoint: Talk of the town!”

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