Posted by:Nithin Rao February 19th, 2016

Mobile Health (mHealth) Technologies today are of strategic importance to healthcare providers.Worldwide adoption of smartphones has triggered a novel way of patient engagement.

Here are a few interesting statistics about mobile health and its adoption

1)    According to World Bank,  83% of the member countries have atleast one mHealth initiative. (This can be simple SMS, IVR, or Apps )

2)Interestingly, according to Research2guidance survey, app stores (istore, Google Play) remain to be the best channel for distribution of mHealth apps.Initially it was thought that hospitals, physicians and pharmacies were the best channels for distribution.

3)52% of smartphone users gather health related information on their phones. This might be information related to their prescription, Health insurance and more.

4) 80% of physicians use smartphone and medical apps.

5) According to Health Research Institute at PWC, over the next 5 years mobile apps will play a major role in doctor’s practice

6) According to Xerox, 43% of Millennials prefer accessing patient portals via smartphones

7) According to Manhattan Research, 39% of physicians correspond with their patients via IM, email and other messaging platforms

8) The global mHealth market will grow exponentially and is valued at 59.12 billion US dollars by 2020

9) While tech savvy users are seeking digital options for managing health services remotely, but only a third of healthcare providers offer such capabilities

10)33% of all doctors make prescribing decisions via smartphones

11) According to New England journal of medicine, only 100 of the approximately 100,000 mHealth apps available — or 0.1 percent — are FDA-approved

These statistics show us the wide scope and evolution in terms of the adoption of mHealth in patient engagement.What do you think? Let us know in the comment section below.

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